This is not a music blog. I am not a music critic.

My name is Taylor Grimes. I am a 25-year-old student of advertising, comedy, and pop culture. My purpose in life is to share the things that I love with others, and that is why Swim Into The Sound exists. This website is a celebration of the beautiful and an embrace of the wonderful. 

I believe in pop culture. I believe in art. I believe in creativity. These are the most important concepts in the world, not only because they’re foundational to my experience, but because they’re foundational to the human experience. 

Art and life are intertwined and inextricable, and thus creativity is humanity’s most powerful resource. From movies and television to podcasts and video games, my brain has been molded by art of every possible medium, size, and quality. Yet, out of all these forms of pop-cultural escapism, music remains the most central to my existence. 

Music is creativity just like any of those other art forms, but I believe that it represents the absolute purest form of expression that an artist can achieve. Music can be tribal or transcendent. It can bond us in a way that no other creation can. It’s being-changing. It’s life-affirming.

Swim Into The Sound is a place for me to talk about everything, from music and art to general life happenings, because they truly are one in the same. You can’t have one without the other. This is a place for me to get my head words out on the digital page. It won’t always be pretty… or coherent… or correctly-punctuated, but sometimes you just need a place to talk about everything you love. 

I love music. I love life.

“Music is life. I don’t think your life is remotely complete without music.”    - David Fricke

“Music is life. I don’t think your life is remotely complete without music.”

- David Fricke